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Jan 17, 2013 1:00am EST
across the country. -- oakland and tucson, all across the country. we see the loss of life every day from gun violence all across this nation. after the unthinkable tragedy in newtown, president obama spoke to the country and he asked us are we doing enough to protect our children? the answer he admitted is no. that must change. that is why we are here today. today's hearing we will hear from people who deal with the effects of gun violence every day. the wide range of experience will facilitate a discussion on common sense and constructive steps we must take to ensure these tragedies will never happen again. i've a letter from the teachers of newtown which i will enter into the record. i will share with you one sentence it reed, in our schools we ensure the schools have the right balance to ensure they are safe. we have to make sure schools do not become fortresses. we have to find and maintain this balance between safety and learning. as we move forward during this difficult time collaboration, communes case and experience of all of members of our community, teachers, law enforceme
Jan 16, 2013 8:00pm EST
the entire newtown community. i am from oakland california. our thoughts and prayers are to you. 15 of my constituents were shot last week. could you please give us an idea of what cities and police officers and mares confront in terms of daily gun violence? >> i want to add my appreciation for the incredibly touching and courageous remarks today. i can tell you i have renewed resolve because of your courage and dedication and compassion and i recognize this is the day to commit, from this day forward, that we need comprehensive federal reform so we are doing something meaningful about the gun violence in this country. i come from the district in new mexico where we have significant gun violence and tragedy. many of the questions i would have been asked. a new question. in the aftermath of this incredible tragedy in newtown, and i want to make sure i recognize, what can we do in congress today to help the newtown?of unusedtow >> thank you. >> thank you, my condolences. also to the representatives from the virginia shooting. my sincere condolences. we live in a culture of violence. the
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2